Take Action

Working Together

The West Region Wildfire Council actively promotes activities that provide our communities and individual landowners with a better understanding of their wildfire risk as well as information and resources that strive to reduce those wildfire risks. Take action now! Click on the following links to learn more:

  • Understand Your Wildfire Risk: Visit our Community Wildfire Protection Plan pages to learn more about your community and your parcel’s wildfire risk.
  • Site Visit: Schedule a meeting with a representative to detailed and site specific information and recommendations related to reducing your home and property’s wildfire risk.
  • Cost-Share Program: Learn about the WRWC Cost-Share Program, which offers eligible private landowner and community groups with technical assistance and financial incentives for implementing defensible space and landscape-scale fuels reduction projects.
  • Community Chipping Program: Involve your community in WRWC’s Community Chipping Program to host an community wide wood chipping event.