Site Visit

Site Visit

Are you uncertain about what you need to do, to prepare your home and property for the possibility of wildfire?

The West Region Wildfire Council offers FREE “Site Visits” for homeowners that live in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI). A Site Visit is a meeting with you, at your home and property, to discuss wildfire and wildfire hazard mitigation.  The majority of Site Visits involve a WRWC Regional Mitigation and Education Coordinator as well as a Forester with the Colorado State Forest Service or other natural resource professional. With this 25-45 minute consultation, conducted at your home and property, you will receive the following:

  • Site specific information about your home’s structural ignitability
  • Specific recommendations for potential changes that will help ‘harden your home‘ and make it less vulnerable to ignition during a wildfire
  • Site specific information about your property’s vegetation, within and outside of the Home Ignition Zone,
  • Specific recommendations for changes to and maintenance of your property’s vegetation.
  • Detailed information about available cost-share funding and other programs that you may be eligible for.


Ready to schedule a site visit? Please contact the West Region Wildfire at (970) 615-7300 or fill out the form below: