Planning Documents:2009 San Miguel County CWPP
2010 All Hazards Mitigation Plan
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San Miguel County Mitigation Projects:

This defensible space project took place on Specie Mesa in the summer of 2011.  Specie Mesa is rated as having a HIGH wildfire risk in the San Miguel County CWPP. The WRWC worked with these homeowner’s to design a defensible space project before their new home was built. The owners also chose FireWise building materials for their decking and roofing.


This is one picture from a group of homeowners who completed defensible space projects in The Bluffs subdivision in San Miguel County. Seven homeowners worked in collaboration to apply for the WRWC’s Community Assistance Grant and complete their projects. This community is rated as VERY HIGH in the San Miguel County CWPP.



30 Number of defined Wildland Urban Interface Communities in San Miguel County

Number of Fire Protection Districts in San Miguel County 3

Number of Mitigation Projects Completed in San Miguel County in 2012 with assistance from WRWC 9