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Above: Phase II of a roadside thinning project in Trapper’s Crossing in Gunnison County. This project helps reduce hazardous fuels along the communities only ingress/egress route. This community has a ‘Extreme’ risk rating in the Gunnison County CWPP. Below: Another shot of the project.

Below: Quartz Creek Subdivision in Gunnison County (rated as having ‘extreme’ wildfire risk in the Gunnison County CWPP)  is currently in the process of working on a roadside thinning project that will reduce hazardous fuels along the community’s only ingress/egress route. This community is working with the Western Colorado Conservation Corps to complete the project.

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32 Number of Defined Wildland Urban Interface Communities in Gunnison County



2012 Trappers Crossing Roadside Thinning Project: 1.2 miles of Wildcat Road was treated in 2012 in order to thin vegetation along the only ingress/egress route for the community. Trapper’s hopes to treat further up the road in 2013!