2016 Community Chipping Program

2016 Community Chipping Program Update (Feb ’16):  The West Region Wildfire Council had another successful year working collaboratively to plan and implement numerous wildfire mitigation projects with private landowners throughout the region. Working with partners such as the Colorado State Forest Service, the Council served over 50 different residents to assist them reduce wildfire hazards across approximately 525 acres – all near homes and communities. Numerous other projects are currently in the planning stages. As of December 31st, WRWC’s 2015 cost-share grant applications will no longer be accepted. A new application will be developed and will be available to residents starting in March 2015. For more information on these cost-share grant programs, please read the information below and contact the WRWC office at 970-615-7300.

In 2016, the West Region Wildfire Council is currently investigating a new approach to managing our Community Chipping Program. We hope to have details regarding the newly revised program posted on this website as soon as possible.

If you have questions about our Community Chipping Program, please call our Montrose office phone number at (970) 615-7300.