Emergency Access

The ability for you to evacuate your home and community during a wildfire or other emergency is critical.

The ability for emergency responders (police, ambulance, fire department, wildfire response teams) to identify your residence and safely access your property is equally critical.

Below are some considerations for you and your community when reviewing your emergency plans. To receive more specific recommendations for enhancing your emergency access, consider scheduling a Site Visit with a WRWC representative.

Community Ingress/Egress: Does your community have multiple routes of evacuation? Consider developing a second or a third evacuation route for residents and emergency responders to evacuate the general area if necessary.


Reflective and non-reflective addressing during the day (left) and the night (right). Source: Fire Safe Council of Nevada (www.areyoufiresafe.com)

Addressing: We recommend installing metal address signs with 3″ tall reflective lettering/numbering. Multiple address signs (with arrows) may be necessary if multiple homes are accessed of a common driveway.

Driveways: At minimum, your driveway should meet your county’s standards for driveways. Considerations for driveway development or alteration should include soils, drainage, grade, available materials (road base & road surface), road base width, horizontal & vertical clearance, parking needs and turnarounds. We recommend having 24 feet of horizontal clearance and 15 feet of vertical clearance (free of tree limbs or other obstructions). Please inquire for additional specific information related to driveways.