2018 Cost Share Program

The West Region Wildfire Council is offering private landowners, and collective groups of private landowners, the opportunity to apply for incentive funding in an effort to implement recommendations outlined in an approved Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). Funding and/or technical assistance is available to assist homeowners and landowners with completing defensible space and/or landscape-scale fuels reduction projects. Additionally, this program is intended to help communities engage residents in the responsibility of wildfire mitigation by providing a financial incentive for the completion of mitigation demonstration sites to encourage further mitigation work within a community.

Applications for 2017 will be accepted until December 31st, 2017. Please remember, the first step in the process is to schedule a Site Visit.

WRWC_Cost Share Diagram

Eligible Projects:

(1) Defensible Space: Provides up to a 75/25 cost-share reimbursement opportunity for homeowners or groups of homeowners to implement defensible space around their homes in wildland urban interface communities. 

(2) Landscape Scale Fuels Reduction Projects: Provides up to a 75/25 cost-share reimbursement opportunity for private landowners and/or communities to implement landscape scale fuels reduction projects. Examples of such projects may included large scale shaded fuel breaks or large scale road-side thinning projects.

Example Projects: Before and After Photos (PDF)

Questions? Have you read our “Frequently Asked Questions“? If you still need additional information, please give us a call on our dedicated office line.

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For a full description of the grant, including eligibility requirements, instructions and other details, please download the application by clicking on the link below:

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2018 Cost-Share Program Application* (coming soon!)

*The 2018 Cost-Share Program application is currently not available, Please contact WRWC for a status update and check back to download the new application for 2018.