WRWC Employment Opportunity… The West Region Wildfire Council (WRWC) is seeking a well-qualified applicant to fill one of our Mitigation and Education Coordinator positions.  Mitigation and Education Coordinators are primarily responsible for implementing the WRWC’s wildfire education and fuels reduction program across the region….More Information HERE. 

WRWC was established in 2007 as a collaborative effort to support interagency efforts to develop and implement plans to better mitigate the threat of catastrophic wildland fire to the communities and natural resources in the Colorado counties of Delta, Gunnison, Hinsdale, Montrose, Ouray and San Miguel.

WRWC members represent private citizens, local, county, state and federal agencies with an interest in, and a commitment to address wildfire risk across the region. Members have worked with homeowners, fire districts and counties to develop Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPPs) in the region. Our efforts take the planning effort one step further by assisting communities with education about wildfire risk and assistance with implementing steps to reduce wildfire risk through fuels reduction projects and the creation of defensible space.

The West Region Wildfire Council offers cost-share grant opportunities to assistance landowners and groups of landowners with the implementation of their wildfire mitigation projects and assistance with the development of community-based CWPPs.

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Click on the county you reside in on the map above. For general information about creating defensible space around your home, visit the Mitigation tab, and then be sure to visit the Grants tab to learn about opportunities for assistance with helping you complete mitigation around your home.

Mitigation Projects

Defensible Space. Interested in completing a defensible space project or fuels reduction project around your home? Learn how to make your home Firewise Read more

Grant Applications

WRWC Grant Opportunities offer assistance to homeowners wishing to complete defensible space projects around their homes, participate in community chipping programs, complete a landscape-scale fuels reduction project and/ or showcase fuels reduction by completing a demonstration site on open space or common land Read more
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